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Guidelines to Regulations and Park Rules

CHECK OUTCheck out time is strictly 12:00pm 

CLEANING TIME 5:000am-6:00am, 12pm-2pm, 10pm-11pm —amenities must be vacated at this time. RUBBISH All rubbish must be put in the large green skip bin closest to your camp (see map). Not in the BBQ area bin.

CAMP SITES All sites must be paid for on arrival to the park and before setting .

DOGS All dogs must be restrained at owner’s camp walked on a lead and cleaned up after within the reserve. Dogs are not allowed in the Otway National Park, which includes the beach. Ensure your dog does not chase kangaroos. Dogs can be exercised on the oval.

KANGAROOS Do not feed or approach kangaroos. Do not enter private land surrounding Camping area. View kangaroos from within the reserve.

NOISE Must be kept to a minimum at all times and cease by 11pm. (Music turned off) Offensive language and threatening behavior will not be tolerated No Generator’s unless run for a maximum of 2 hours during the day to charge batteries.

CAMPFIRES: MUST be in an approved raised fire bin. (Fire bins can be loaned from the office for a $50 refundable deposit.) MUST be extinguished before you go to bed. MUST be attended at ALL TIMES You MUST have 10 litres of water on standby at your camp ready to extinguish the fire in case of an emergency. A fire trolley with extinguishers is situated next to the office for extra assistance if needed in emergencies. Look for FIRE POINT sign. NO Campfires allowed on days of Total Fire Ban or during Fire Danger Period (Dec 1 – May 1) when the wind speed is 10km per hour or above. Suitable timbers only to be burned in fire places (no rubbish or glass) No vegetation is to be removed from the trees.

When available fire wood can be purchased from the office before 7pm.  No camping or campfires on the oval.

FIRE SAFETY: Owners of caravans are obliged to have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher installed and maintained inside their caravan. Strictly no fireworks or flares to be let off within the reserve.

ROAD RULESVictorian Road Rules apply within the reserve. Vehicles MUST NOT be driven in the reserve after 10pm unless leaving the reserve. Speed limit must be obeyed 10km or walking pace.

CHILDREN/PLAYGROUNDParents must maintain sufficient supervision of their children as to ensure their children’s safety when using amenities and within the park. Children must not play within the vicinity of the amenities. No children or adults are to be on or around the playground after 9:30pm. Strictly No smoking, alcohol or dogs on or around the playground at any time.

The Caretaker and Princetown Recreation Reserve Committee members have the right to evict anyone not complying with Park Rules. The Police will be called if assistance is needed.

The person whose name appears on the receipt will be held accountable for the actions of any guests and/or visitors in their group. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to remain in the camping area without adult supervision.

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